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Well, They did it! Steve and Trace Wiseman broke the record in Bowling. The record they had to beat was 30,537 pins. They broke that record at 7:12pm Saturday, just over 19 hours into the 24-hour attempt in Louisville Kentucky. By the grace of God and His enablement, they managed to push through the entire 24 hours and set a new record at 35,976 pins, shattering the old record by well over 5000 pins!! It was a rough and grueling day, but the support of all of our friends who tuned into Facebook Live and by those who personally attended the event, they managed to persevere and endure until the end. An official GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS adjudicator Hannah Ortman attended the record-breaking attempt and awarded them with a framed certificate declaring them as the new record holders. It was awesome! And, again, thanks to all of you because you are awesome too!!!! Videographer: Samira BenAziza - If you would like to contribute to the Win go to: