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The Prince Meeting His Princess in Celebration of Their First Prom.  

 A Joyful Day to Remember. 



























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Alexandria Indiana - Small Town Parade - December 3rd, 2021

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Remembering Age Two - The Birthday Party - Disney is the Theme Ice Cream Cake at Age Two - The Perfect Beginning to a Wonderful Time. 

The Princess and the Cake Tasting Experience.

The Bite.

The full experience...

Photo session time.

Cup Cake Benefits: They make you happy!

Essential vitamins and minerals are found in the fruit buffet.

The Memories of Playing in the Dirt are captured... Forever.

Do you know the benefits of Playing in the Dirt? 

Playing in the Dirt encludes Happiness, Creativity and ... 

"According to the Hygiene Hypothesis, exposure to dirt is good for the body and the soul." 

Happy Birthday Vaida! Thank You ... for sharing your bright shining light.

The Opening of the Presents.

A Gift from her Grandmother. 

A rare moment...

...she quickly pulls herself together.

The Piñata..

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Small Town of Fairmount Indiana The Fairmount Historical Museum 



On the last full weekend of every September, more than 30,000 people from around the world would normally show up for the Annual Festival. A grand parade with a carnival, crafts, food and fun for all.  Visit to learn more. 

In 1923, a Quaker educational organization called the Fairmount Academy closed its doors. In 1969, Fairmount High School closed its doors also.  Many students that have returned to visit the area found that the school administrators had the insight to save the artifacts to share with the students future selves.  As these students returned to Fairmount they go back in time to experience a glimpse of the past. 

The Fairmount Historical Museum, Inc. organized officially February 23, 1975. The first location for the museum was located at 113 1/2 South Main Street. The Museum Board purchased the J.W. Patterson property at 203 East Washington Street. This became the permanent home of the museum. The Patterson house, a landmark, was placed on the National Register of Historic Places and Sites on November 14, 1979. The museum was moved to its permanent home in the Patterson House on September 5, 1983.

In addition to many artifacts related to the town, the schools, and the local families the museum also showcases artifacts once owned by James Dean and his family. Another person native to Fairmount is Jim Davis and his creation, "Garfield."

Since 1975, the museum and its board have sponsored the annual Fairmount "Museum Days" Festival. The three day festival, always held the last full weekend in September, recognizes the people who have made a distinct mark in the world that experienced the World of living in Fairmount, Indiana. 

The festival centers its theme around activities relating to James Dean and Jim Davis' character, "Garfield." There is a James Dean Look-A-Like contest. His movies are played and a large car show. 

The Museum was closed the day that these Photos were taken. In the back of the Museum was an old waiting station for the trains coming through the town. 

This is the Way Station that ran through Fairmount, Indiana enroute from Indianapolis to Fort Wayne. The Station also had what looks like a place to get water to drink. 

The town gave tribute to many of Fairmount Hometown Heroes with flags hanging from the street post. 

The sister of the owner of the Fairmount Tattoo Parlor was friendly and greeted us with kindness. It was nice meeting one of the locals residents. 

This small town was very peaceful and quiet. 

 Noble Roman's located at 116 W Washington St, Fairmount, IN 46928
was the chosen eatery.  The quality of the food was a wonderful experience.  

Thanks to Model Samira BenAziza for searching the internet to find interesting places to see.  




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Who is Dalston Keller? Dalston Keller at age 17 is captivating audiences with his voice.

The public first became aware of Dalston's talent when he was featured on Great Day Live. 

The capability of his voice is extraordinary as he steps out to give his best.
As a child he said that Elvis Presley was one of his inspirations that led to his passion of singing.  Who Is Dalston Keller? - He is a person going confidently
in the direction of his Dreams. 

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The Wedding of Nikki & Monte 11.03.2018 The Wedding of Nikki & Monte 11.03.2018

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The Wedding of Angela and Rick - October 20th, 2017 Rick and Angela prepare to see each other before the ceremony at Duncan Memorial Chapel.

The Groom getting dressed.

The Music being prepared

The Groom with a Family Member Entrance to the Brides Dressing Room

The bouquet of flowers The Bride with her Mother getting dressed for the 1st look.

The Groom Waiting The Groom getting help from his daughter with the boutonniere. The First Look The First Look The First Look Pre-Ceremony  The Ceremony Begins

After Ceremony
Wedding Highlight Video






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The Wedding of Samantha & Jay - July 1st, 2017 - Culbertson West Mansion The day begins at the Culbertson West Mansion located in New Albany, Indiana. 

The Bridal suite was perfect for photography and very comfortable for the bride. 

The Mansion also provides a nice comfortable area the Groom!

The rings are photographed on the Antique heater core.

The Groom Waiting for the Bride to come down the staircase. 

The Bride

The signing of the Marriage Certificate in the bar that even has a old-time cigarette machine

The newlywed couple posing with one of the owners of the mansion. 

See the complete Gallery HERE with a password


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GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS - NEW BOWLING CHAMPIONS - Highest Pin-fall in 24 Hours by a Twosome Steve and Trace Wiseman Father & Son Team - The New Champions!!! The record to beat was 30,537 pins held previously by two people in Texas. They broke the old record at 7:12 pm Saturday, just over 19 hours into the 24-hour attempt in Louisville Kentucky at Kingpin Lanes.

The Celebration begins for the New Winners. 4.48 hours left to bowl for the New Record. Kingpin Lanes location was chosen for this record changing event. Angie Smith, The daughter and sister of the winners did a fantastic job narrating the entire event on FaceBooK LIVE.  She performed like a Radiant Superstar Broadcaster. 

Angie Smith Facebook Live - One of Two Phones Being Used Simultaneously.

Angie and Trace Hugs for Smiles. Trace and Steve continue to be charging onward with all their effort and endurance in this prolonged physical event.

Angie Smith and Trace Wiseman - Sister and Brother

Steve at age 69 and Trace at 16 had begun their 24 hour dream just 20 hours earlier. It all started over a year ago with discussion to become the New Champions with Guinness World Records. They did a practice run of 12 hours a couple of weeks eariler and was thrilled to see that it is possible. When it came time to beat the record Trace used a special bowling ball from his great grand father.   Trace Wiseman

Steve picking out his next bowling ball. 

Steve Wiseman

Steve Wiseman is deciding on the next ball to use.

 Looking Picture Perfect  - As You Can See Same Pose on the Walls lined with Nostalgic Professionals  
Steve Wiseman

Time for a much needed break! Steve Wiseman

Pinfall Record Pace Milestones - From the start they were ahead of the game and were on pace to win...if they could keep up the stamina!

Pinfall Record Pace Milestones

Trace going strong - Strike after Strike.  Trace Wiseman Trace Wiseman RECORDS Adjudicator Hannah Ortman watches on as the pin numbers keep climbing up to an all new record high. 

RECORDS Adjudicator Hannah Ortman Hannah seen here tabulating the test scores into the final hours. 

Tabulating test score.

Trace takes a break from bowling to mingle with Friends and Family. His mother Mary Wiseman pictured in the far right wearing the orange sweater. 

Trace Wiseman and his mother Mary in orange far right.

Checking out social media. Trace and Friend checking social media.

A gift for Trace. Trace Wiseman

Much love for Trace too!!

Trace Wiseman and Friend
Trace Wiseman - Group hug!

Mary Wiseman updating the score board. Mary Wiseman with Hannah Ortman

Scoreboard update It is a dry night after a day of rain for the final 2 hours. 

Night time at the Kingpin Lanes

Final last 5 minutes and the countdown is on. It seems to last forever for Trace as shouts of each minute is called out...always another minute, then another 30 seconds....He drops with exhaustion after putting all his energy in Maximizing the total ending count. 

Final 5 minutes Final 5 minutes

Final 5 minutes Final 5 minutes Final 5 minutes Final 5 minutes

The Record Winning Ceremony Begins! The Ceremony Begins... The Ceremony The Ceremony The Ceremony The Ceremony The Ceremony The Ceremony The Ceremony The Ceremony

They both have one more throw!  Themselves!!! The Ceremony The Ceremony


Many thanks to all the people and crew that helped and witnessed this once in a lifetime event!!!

Congratulations to the Winners and their endurance! Trace is getting his much needed rest.
The Ceremony Video of Steve and Trace Wiseman receiving the GUINNESS WORLD RECORD in Bowling for 2 People in 24 Hours - 04/22/2017 



To See All of the Photos taken the last few hours of the 24 Hour Bowling Event with Free digital download or to order prints. CLICK HERE!


If you would like to contribute to the Win go to:

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Jeremiah Jones and Friends - March 11th, 2017 - Photo-shoot of a Senior with big dreams! Click this Link to see the complete photo-shoot and continue scrolling to see Jeremiah and friends in his short fun video!

The Eyes Jeremiah Jones will be graduating this year as a senior. He has plans to pursue his dreams and continue his education in college. 

Jeremiah with friends. The city of Anchorage was chosen for it's beautiful trails and structures for the photo-shoot. 

Jeremiah and his friends on the trail.

Jeremiah and his friends.

Jeremiah and his friends.

It was a chilly day and these guys were great. it was a lot of fun! 

The Bench Pose! Thank You all for the great photo-shoot!

This photo was captured by Samira Benaziza.

We chose the spot for the darkness of the background with the light focused on Jeremiah to get this amazing shot.

To see the rest of the photo-shoot click on this link  to download for free digital photos, screen shots or order beautiful professional prints at wholesale prices. 

To see the behind the scenes Photo-shoot click on the video and enjoy you! Thank You for watching. Like and subscribe!

If you like the post leave a comment to let us know. Thank You!

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Shelby & Jamie - June 11th, 2016 The Beautiful Love Story of Shelby & Jamie

 The Bride and Groom traveled to Lexington Kentucky with the Wedding Party to exchange vows with family and friends. The first look was at the alter of Grace Baptist Church which was chosen for the ceremony.   A romantic photo-shoot of the couple took place at the Lexington Art League. The reception was held at the Copper Roux. 

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Wedding Photography & Video Captured Our 1st look and Reception Celebration Before the CeremonyThe bride preparing to meet her groom.

My Dream Wedding Day...  We decided on a first look.  A destination ceremony in a tropical location would follow the next day.  I told my photographer as we were leaving the bridal suite just to skip the 1st look because I was in too much of a rush. I just wanted to hurry and get to the reception and not keep people waiting. 

Our 1st LookThe Anticipation of the Groom seeing his Bride for the first time. ~ Our First Look ~

The photographer and videographer followed me with equipment running and ready to documented our story.  Just a few minutes to stop

and acknowledge our love.  The images captured our magnetism, chemistry and love.  

Our LoveThe anticipated kiss. After our 1st look we were driven by limousine to our reception for cake, food, and dancing.

We ended the night with friends and family singing farewell and waving hand held sparklers. 


Beautiful Weddings - Photography & Video Combined

The Story of Our Day Captured in Video & Photography.



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Beautiful Love Story - Adam & Tessarey Beautiful Love Story
Written for Your Beautiful Photography Blog
By Leilani Fry
Bride & Groom’s Portfolio Adam & Tessarey
The First DanceTessarey and Adam at last have a moment of private on the dance floor to express their love for one another.
Who knew more then 17 years ago that Adam’s friendship with Tess’s brothers would lead him to find the love of his life?
The preparation of the Bride Tessarey is having her long hair curled. The groom will see her for the 1st time walking down the isle.
He was only 19 years old, she sweet 16 when they first met.
Adam the groomMore then 17 years in the Making - Adam Makes a Proposal of Marriage.
Their Love continues to grow, strengthened by two beautiful daughters.
The Bride with Her Daughters.Tessarey and Adam's two beautiful daughters.
Adam surprise marriage proposal took place on her Mother’s front porch, on an already romantic occasion,
Valentine’s Day February 14th, 2004.
Tess and AdamMay they always choose to dance.
Tess still cherishes the Valentine card that he gave her asking for her hand in marriage.
Their elegant ceremony perfectly fit Adam and Tess.
Tess and AdamA long awaited celebration of two people in love.
The once-in-a-life-time photographs captured their wedding memories more than words can say.
Tess and AdamAnother beautiful beginning
The Wedding took place on August 15, 2015 at the Allison Nazarene Church, Allison PA.
Reception - Republic Social Hall.
The Church Allison Nazarene Church in Allison PA
The Rings
The RingsThe circle has no beginning or end and is, therefore, a symbol of infinity.
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Couples Finding Love On-Line in 2015. Are you still looking for the one true love?   Our next couple found just that on a Farmers Dating Website. They both love the way they met and find it humorous that neither one of them were farmers. From the chemistry that is being displayed it is apparent they have found true love.  They are planning and looking forward to the rest of their Love Story. The Marriage date is scheduled in September 2015.

The Newly Engaged Couple Bristol & PaulSoon to be married in an extravagant downtown wedding with full reception. The couple displays their love for each other in this photo looking like the famous scene from the Titanic. Expressions of loveThe way she looks at him looking at her radiates the love they have for each other. The Engagement RingThe fiancé shows his playfulness in pretending to bite the engagement ring.


Another couple that met at a church function then on to social media will be celebrating their one year anniversary of marriage in October 2015. This is their love story... Congratulations to Allison & Anthony!!!



Congratulations to Allison and Anthony - The Love you found with each other is Beautiful.


Just MarriedThe Couple was just pronounced husband and wife. They are in the back seat on the way to the reception.

After the ReceptionStopping at a park, the couple is relaxed after a joyous celebration. The next adventure will be the honeymoon.


LOVE is BEAUTIFUL - Beautiful Weddings at - Photography by Janie BenAziza

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Having a Barn Wedding! The barn is decorated with rustic appeal. Stacks of hay, picnic tables and high ceilings. Lighting coming in from all directions make a beautiful venue. Delicious food for everyone self-served from brisket to fresh fruit.  

Barn weddings are becoming popular among the Brides. The Bride is choosing cowgirl boots for her wedding day.  

Family Photos may require some climbing.

‚Äč The BarnThe barn is equipped for the reception and the wedding. For the alternative is to have the wedding outside however during rainy times the barn serves it's purpose for both.

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Your Beautiful Portraits - The Beginning of the Wedding Day. The day starts off capturing the details of the Bride getting dressedThe Bride has been photographed from the beginning of getting dress. The Groom will also be photographed getting ready.

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